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  • Provide automatic tracking of unit and circuit net and pattern recognition function by function modules, can easily organize a flat circuit into a hierarchical circuit.
  • Automatically maintain consistency of connection relationships to ensure that connectivity errors do not occur during circuit organization.
  • The organized data can be exported into EDIF200, SPICE or Verilog format for subsequent circuit imitation verification.


  • I-ToF Series Chips

  I ToF Analog V3

The OPT3101 is a high-speed and high-resolution Analog Front End (AFE) chip for long distance measurement based on indirect time-of-flight principle. The chip integrates the complete depth processing pipeline that includes the signal receivcer and ADC, timing sequencer and the digital processing engine. The chip also has a built-in DAC controlled illumination driver that covers most of the target applications. Given the high-performance ambient cancellation circuits,the chip can support very high ambient conditions.The timing sequencer is highly configurable to provide for application-specific trade-offs of power versus performance. The chip provides depth data that consists of phase,amplitude and ambient measurements. The calibration subsystem supports phase-data calibration for  inaccuracies resulting from temperature and crosstalk.