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The current struggle will become a historical witness and a solid mark for creating the future. "If you don't accumulate steps, why do you get thousands of miles?" In the past 2021, we faced many challenges. The impact of the epidemic and the China-United States trade war has made everything around us unpredictable and full of variables. This also allows us to re-examine and think, and every step we take requires more courage than ever.


In the face of challenges and crises, we use long-termism to respond, "Every day will succeed, and continue to succeed", the unity of knowledge and action, let the dream take root. Looking forward to 2022, we will not forget our original intentions, "Always think forward, stay prepared for danger, maintain strategic determination and patience. Be broad and subtle." Just like palying chess, we must have an overall view and focus on the subtleties.


There is a famous saying by the British poet Sigrif Sassoon: In me the tiger sniffs the rose. We hope that in the awe-inspiring Year of the Tiger, each of us not only have a dream, but try to achieve it by working hard.


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