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Year after year, the rhythm changes, and everything is renewed. The 2024 Silintech Annual Conference was successfully held in Suzhou, Yinchuan, and Wuhu! All employees of Silintech are joining hands to witness this joyful moment.
Looking back at the festive New Year celebrations in the three places, every adult of Xinlian actively participated in it, releasing a joyful factor while sending sincere and beautiful wishes.

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Part 1 Review section
Looking back on the past, learning from the past, forging ahead, and achieving great success


At the beginning of the annual meeting, in a warm and peaceful atmosphere, the General Manager of Silintech delivered a speech. In his speech, Mr. Chen reviewed the achievements of Silintech in 2023 and affirmed the efforts made by all Silintech adults in this regard. Looking ahead to 2024, Mr. Chen stated that in the face of the rapidly changing industry development and competitive situation, Silintech has already possessed various conditions for vigorous development and has sufficient confidence and determination to achieve its goals.


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In 2023, we walked shoulder to shoulder and witnessed together. Let's review together that 2023 is an important moment for Silintech.




In 2024, Silintech is poised to embrace new opportunities and challenges, and create new brilliance and miracles.


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Part 2 Commendation section
Witness glory and strive for excellence together


The development of Silintech relies on every employee who shares the same boat. At the annual meeting, the company commended outstanding individuals who performed outstandingly in their work for 2023 and awarded them the honorary title of "Excellent Employee".

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Part 3 Celebration section
Brilliant and talented


The diverse and exciting cultural performances bring multiple visual and auditory feasts to everyone. From singing and dancing performances to instrument performances, employees showcase their talents on stage and receive frequent cheers and applause from the audience.

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Part 4 Qixin Chapter
Joining Hands for a New Chapter in the Future


The direction of the core lies in the future of technology. Since its establishment in 2016, Silintech has gone through a glorious journey of seven years. Over the past seven years, we have witnessed the changes in the technology field and also experienced the ups and downs and glory of Xinliancheng's transition from start-up to maturity. In the future, let us continue to work hand in hand and move towards the next seven years with a more determined pace.

The annual conference has come to a successful conclusion, and the beautiful story of Silintech is still being written. Looking forward to working with you in 2024 to create a more exciting new chapter in the future!

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